How To Create Custom Name Servers In GoDaddy

Custom Name Servers Allow You To Create a Namerserver with your domain name like a sub domain. It is called as Custom Name Server Or Private Name Server. There are several domain provider now a days. The Ways to create custom name servers or private name server varies with the domain provider. Customizing Name server is helpful when you need your reseller hosting with your brand name.

create custom name servers godaddy domains

So, we are referring here the domain provider with millions of users & with totally different way of creating private or custom name servers.. Presenting Here GoDaddy Custom Name Servers Creation Method.

Without delay Lets Start The Tutorial – How To Set custom nameservers for domains registered with GoDaddy ?

Steps To Create Custom Name Servers :

  1. Login To Your GoDaddy Account
  2. Click On Domains
  3. Select The Domain With Which You Want To Create Custom Name Servers
  4. After that Click On DNS Management
  5. Now Scroll Down and Search For “Host Names”
  6. Click On “Host Names”
  7. Now Click On Add New Option
  8. Type NS1 in Host Name and Type the IP Address provided by your hosting service provider. Press the Add button to add your first nameserver record
  9. Click Add Host Name again because you need to create one more nameserver record for complete this action.
  10. Similarly Type NS2 in Host Name and Type the 2nd IP Address provided by your hosting service provider. Note : Kindly enter the same IP Address again if only single ip address is provided by your hosting provider.
  11. Now Just Click Save To Complete The Process.

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Step 2 :

Server Steps For Creating Custom Name Servers :

  1. Login To Your Server ( WHM )
  2. Search For EDIT DNS ZONE
  3. Select Your Domain
  4. Change your hosting name servers with your own (same as above)
  5. Enter the custom nameservers like “” and “” (ex. and
  6. Slide Down Or Search “Add New Entries Below this Line”
  7. Enter Starting prefix of your subdomain like “ns1 & ns2” & select A Record & Enter IP Address provided by your hosting service provider. Both As Above :
    NS1 With 1st IP
    NS2 With 2nd IP
  8. Click On Save

Basic WebHost Manager® Setup :

  1. Login To WHM
  2. Select Basic WebHost Manager
  3. Enter Above Created Name Servers
  4. Click Save Changes

How To Check Your Custom Nameservers are Perfectly Working :

Method 1:

  1. Go To
  2. Enter domain i.e. using your custom name servers
  3. Hit Enter or click on Report
  4. Check If There Is Any Problem ( Red Bars )
  5. in that case check above steps again.

Method 2:

  1. Power On Your Computer
  2. Press Win+R Together
  3. Type “cmd” and Hit Enter
  4. Then Enter “Ping<Space>
  5. If it shows the IP Address You Configured Its Working. If Not Check The Above Steps Again.
  6. Repeat it With another NS “Ping<Space>
  7. If the ip is perfect you finally created your custom name servers.
  8. but don’t forget to check out benefits of juniorbee with custom name servers.

How To Create Custom Name Servers With JuniorBee :

  1. First of all, Login to JuniorBee Reseller Portal
  2. Click On Open Ticket
  3. Select Technical Support
  4. Type “I Want To Create My Custom Name Servers As and”
    “My Domain Provider is godaddy, username is xyz and password is abc”
  5. Again JuniorBee Rocks.


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