How To Enable WHMCS GST Feature

enable WHMCS GST Feature

We all know GST in India is launched which will replace all the previous different taxes and only GST will be applicable. With this there comes problems for all the online store owners as how to integrate GST with there store or online portals. So we are here with an amazing & easiest way to Enable WHMCS GST Feature without any kind of module.

enable WHMCS GST Feature

GST Invoice allows you to generate GST compliant invoices for your clients. The appropriate taxing columns and mentions the State Name & Code along with the GSTIN. It also applies appropriate Tax rules (considering your primary service to be Hosting) and gives you the option to edit any tax values.

Why Not Module ?

Firstly, There is no free module available at this time. Secondly, why we need that if GST can be enabled without using any kind of module.

Does it apply CGST & SGST in WHMCS Separately ?

Yes, When you enable whmcs gst with this method. The client will be able to see 2 type of taxes. You can make it on with 18% or Make It 2 with 9-9%. According to your choice.

Inclusive Or Exclusive :

You can choose either to apply tax in the pre-approved product amount or you can choose it externally that is extra on the product value.

GSTIN Available On WHMCS Invoice :

Yes, It will be seen on the invoices created by clients by placing order.

If Need Help :

You can just email us with your whmcs details & your GSTIN. We may take up to 24 hours.

How To Enable WHMCS GST Feature :

  1. First Of All, Login To Your WHMCS Admin Account
  2. Go To Setup > General Settings > General
  3. Edit “Pay To Text” , Enter Your Company Details With GSTIN & Click On Save
  4. Now Go To Setup > Payments > Tax Rules
  5. Tick “Tax Enabled“, Choose “Exclusive” Or “Inclusive
  6. Choose “Apply Tax To” & Click Save Changes
  7. Click On Add New Tax Rule
  8. Choose Level 1 & Fill Like :
    Name : SGST
    Apply Rule To All Countries Or India
    Apply Rule To All States
    Tax Rate : 9%
  9. Click On Add Rule
  10. Again Go To Add New Tax Rule
  11. Choose Level 2 & Fill Like :
  12. Name : CGST
    Apply Rule To All Countries Or India
    Apply Rule To All States
    Tax Rate : 9%
  13. Click On Add Rule Again
  14. Tax Is Enabled Now. Don’t Forget To Enable Tax On Products. S

How To Enable GST On WHMCS Products :

  1. First of all, Go To Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services
  2. Edit Your Product 
  3. Tick Apply Tax On Details Section
  4. Now Create A Demo Account & Check If Everything Is working
  5.  If you face any problem kindly contact us.

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