Top 5 Free Live Chat Software For Your Website

Live chat is the fastest way to engage your customers. Live Chat Enables customers responses in real-time. We are here with the list of Top 5 Free Live Chat Software For Your Website. Let’s Check The Benefits Of Live Chat Software.

Top 5 Free Live Chat Software

Increase Sales From Your Website :

You have hundreds, potentially thousands of visitors on your website at a time.

You have no idea what they want or what they’re going to do.

But, each of them is there for a reason.

  1. Some are checking out your products or services for the first time.
  2. Some are ready to buy.
  3. others are already buying, but need help to complete their purchase.

With our Top 5 Free Live Chat Software,

  • You’ll know exactly what each visitor wants
  • Conversations are both personalized and contextual
  • Pick your channel: push messages to visitors or alert your agents

Deliver Amazing Support With Lower Cost :

The struggle is real! People on your site need help every day… 

…assist them in live chat and watch your sales grow!

Chat is one of the most efficient support channels because agents can handle multiple conversations at once, something that’s not possible via phone. This increased efficiency and agent productivity mean a lower cost per contact for your organization. Using shortcuts, you can respond to frequently asked questions at the click of a button.

Improving response rates :

Seconds matter when it comes to customer support and chat allows for quick, real-time answers. Faster response and resolution times mean higher agent productivity, reduced costs, and, as mentioned above, higher CSAT.

Chat timing :

Initially, you should restrict the number of hours live chat is enabled on your website. A good rule of thumb is to stick to an average 8-hour workday (such as 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). As your business grows across more countries, you may need to extend support hours. When this happens you can again use operating Hours to create multiple schedules or simply leave live chat enabled for 24 hours.

Without Wasting much of your time lets move to Top 5 Free Live Chat Software For Your Web Site :

Top 5 Free Live Chat Software :


1. Zestim :

Zestim combines sales and support in one, powerful package. No feature restrictions. No usage limitations. Zestim Allows Screen Mirroring & Co-Browsing i.e not so common in the field of live chat software and right now they are providing it for free till there plans are launched.

Next & Amazing feature that you are not going to find so easily is Audio & Video Calling i.e. also a unique feature with amazing benefits, Like now you don’t need your clients skype id etc. You can simply Video call via your video live chat software.

See all your website visitors in real-time. Know their location, browser, what keyword that brought them to the site, if they’ve visited you before, and more.

View your visitor’s screen in realtime as if you are behind their shoulder. See every mouse click, page scroll, page navigation, keystrokes as they happen.

( Personally Its One Of the best Top 5 Free Live Chat Software )


Remotely control your visitor’s screen. Fill out a form, navigate to another page and complete actions on behalf of your customers. Truly powerful to resolve an issue or complete an order.


Go beyond text chats with built-in audio and video calling. Reduce call costs wit VoIP technology. Increase your customer satisfaction and reduce resolution times.

Join Zestim Here

2. Zendesk :

Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. Chat and messaging create a personal connection with customers looking for support. It’s a fast and effective way to offer help—without interrupting their experience.

Analytics plays an important role in chat and messaging. It sheds light on customer satisfaction, agent performance, and helps identify issues before they become problems. Better numbers and quality reports let you measure successes and stay on target.


Send targeted and behavior-based messages to customers. For example, you can help customers complete their purchase by automatically reaching out with a chat.

Pre-chat forms

Ask your visitors for their contact information before starting a chat. This helps you triage chat requests and prioritize high-value customers.

Visitor list

Fishing charter company Fishfishme uses Chat to monitor its website visitors and the pages they are browsing. This lets them target specific users and offer help when they need it.

Offline forms

Your website never sleeps – even if you do. Leave offline forms enabled on your website and ensure customers can contact you while you are away.

Chat ratings

Chat offers the highest satisfaction rating of any support channel, but there’s always room for improvement. Use chat ratings to gather feedback and continue to improve your performance.

File sending

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s a cliché, but in customer support it never gets old. Share any file with your customer—a screenshot, a product guide, even an animated GIF—and solve problems faster.

Join Zendesk Here


3. Unbeatable :

Unbeatable is a totally free cloud-based Live Chat Solution that can be set up in just a few clicks. Send automated targeted messages to your visitors depending on their behavior on your website.


Identify your repeat customers and engage them with special offers and discount codes.


Unbeatable allows you to view who is on your site and what pages they are looking at. You can then proactively start a conversation, capture them as leads, and keep their full history when they become customers.


It’s easy to add and remove team members, no limit to the number of team members.


When no one is around to answer chats you can turn the chat window into a form-mail box or remove it.


Display opening times and contact information directly via the chat box.


We store all chats for 1 year, so you can easily go back and see what was said in previous conversations.

Join Unbeatable Here

4. :

All the premium features you would expect, just without the price tag. There is no ‘premium’ version, just one feature packed version for everyone. already made its place in the market. its the one that can be found on any site. Most of the websites are using i.e why we listed in Top 5 Free Live Chat Software. With the alternatives makes it easy to deliver personalized and real time customer service
Monitor traffic on your website and be there when visitors need you most
Proactively initiate a chat with your website visitors and app users
Unlock a new frictionless channel for conversational commerce


Join Here

5. Purechat :

Pure Chat is the yet another chat software among the top 5 free live chat software. free live chat software that you and your visitors will love.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Pure Chat is easy to set up and incredibly intuitive to use. Sign up, install the code on your website and start chatting in minutes.

chat widget looks and functions on both desktop and mobile devices using our convenient editor.

Improve your bottom line by with real-time support without per user or per contact nickel and diming.

Customize your chat widget using the convenient editor

Use canned responses to quickly and accurately reply to frequently asked questions

Features list
  • Check Unlimited users
  • Check Unlimited chats
  • Check Use on 3 websites
  • Check iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Check Unlimited chat history (transcripts)
  • Check Advanced widget customization
  • Check Integrations
  • Check Engagement Hub
  • Check File transfer (images, documents, etc.)
  • Check Security roles (admin, power users and operators)
  • Check Powerful Operator Dashboard
  • Check Chat alerts
  • Check Canned responses
  • Check Pre-Chat Info Form
  • Check SSL Security Built In
  • Check Email Form When Unavailable to Chat
  • Check Customize Chat Widget with Images
  • Check Visitor Information & Location Details
  • Check Operator Availability Schedules
  • Check Chat Notifications, Including Push to Mobile
  • Check Show Your Twitter Feed
  • Check Show Your Location

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